Custom Cakes


Start with real ingredients, then add equal parts imagination, inspiration and love


Custom Cakes

We work with you to customize your cake to your specifications. Your life's special events are important and your cake is too. Whether it is a wedding, birthday, baby shower, gender reveal, anniversary or 'just because', we'll work with you to create a cake that is both memorable and delicious.

Our goal is to combine your personal style and inspiration with our artistic talent. The result? A delicious piece of art that is uniquely yours. Our cakes and fillings are hand made from scratch, using fresh ingredients to ensure your custom cake tastes as good as it looks. We offer a wide selection of flavour and filling choices, so be sure to have a look at our menu. 

Pricing is based upon the complexity and size of the cake as well as the difficulty of the design. 


Smash Cakes

Photo Credit: Candice Lee Kim

Photo Credit: Candice Lee Kim

Smash Cakes are a recent trend that have become popular over the last ten years. They are small frosted cakes, typically 4" in size, made just for the guest of honour - Baby.

Parents give them to their one year olds to commemorate their first birthday. Photos are taken (professional or not) of their kiddos digging in with their hands. 

Smash cakes are available in either chocolate or vanilla and can be decorated to match your party theme. 

Be warned - it gets messy, but the pictures are priceless.

To order a smash cake for your little one's birthday please click here